Full Moon Pendant with Recycled White Diamond


The full moon and the dark side of the moon. You choose which side you wish to show the world.

I hand carved this full moon pendant out of jeweler's wax, consulting a map pf the moon as I went to make it as accurate and detailed as I could. Once I cast it in sterling silver, I oxidized the whole pendant to make it a rich black color. The bright side has had the oxidization brushed away to bring out the seas of the moon, and the dark side is a rich, silky black. I then set a full cut white 1.8mm recycled diamond into the Mare Nubium, or Sea Of Clouds. 

The pendant is slightly domed, and it measures 1 1/8" or 27mm wide, and is about 3/8"/ 4mm thick at its thickest, tapering to 1/16" 1mm at the edges.

Deeply textured and richly oxidized, it is permanently affixed to the 20" chain, so the pendant won't fall off the chain when it's not being worn.

Made by hand in Brooklyn and ships gift boxed. The paper lining in the gift box may be different than what is pictured, but it will be just as pretty.

Oxidized Silver

For my oxidized sterling silver pieces, I recommend using a silver polishing cloth to keep your jewelry bright.

I do NOT recommend a jewelry cleaning salvation like Tarn-x or the aluminum foil and baking soda method because it will remove all go the oxidization from your piece.


For my gold pieces, a silver polishing cloth will work as well. 

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