Baroque Pearl and Snake Necklace


I sculpted this snake specifically to encircle and protect this individual pearl. The pendant measures 1 1/4" long from the loop of the snake's body at the top to the bottom of the pearl, and the pearl is 3/4" across. The pearl is irregularly shaped but is roughly square-ish, with a smoothly rippling surface, and a deep, rich nacre over almost all of its surface.

I sculpted the snake in jeweler's wax, and cast it in sterling silver. I then cleaned and polished it, and soldered on three little pegs to help secure the snake to the pearl, and I drilled holes in the pearl to match. I then affixed the snake to the pearl by adjusting the snakes curves and contours to fit the pearl, tension fitting the pegs into the holes in the pearl, and then I added just enough gemstone epoxy to the pegs to make sure everything keeps securely together (I'm a belts-and-suspenders type of person).


The pendant is suspended from a 20" delicate yet sturdy tiny oval link chain. It has an oxidized black finish to match the pendant, and it closes with a classic spring clasp and joint. The pendant is permanently affixed to the chain, so they won't be separated when lying in your jewelry box in between wearings.

Made by hand in Brooklyn and ships gift boxed. The paper lining in the gift box may be different than what is pictured, but it will be just as pretty.

Oxidized Silver

For my oxidized sterling silver pieces, I recommend using a silver polishing cloth to keep your jewelry bright.

I do NOT recommend a jewelry cleaning salvation like Tarn-x or the aluminum foil and baking soda method because it will remove all go the oxidization from your piece.


For my gold pieces, a silver polishing cloth will work as well. 

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Aleksandra Kris
Beautiful necklace, look forward to wearin...

Beautiful necklace, look forward to wearing her!

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