the jewelry of

Judith Hoetker

I came to Brooklyn in 1992 to study painting at Pratt, but in my sophomore year I took a jewelry making class and I was hooked. I've been making jewelry ever since.


I have a day job as a goldsmith where I make very serious, very traditional jewelry. So, in my off hours I need to make something a little weirder, a little darker, and a little messier, which is where the Judith Rachel jewelry comes from.


I love Victorian jewelry, nature shows, and jewelry that makes you look twice. I love transforming a material into something unexpected or showcasing a material just as it is.


I love the pleasure of finding a new designer who's work grabs you and the same joy from discovering something dusty in the back of a flea market that you just have to have. The feeling that it's brand new and simultaneously feeling like you've always owned it.

Jewelry that makes you look closer,

jewelry that makes you look twice.